The Yellow Ribbon Project for second chances exists to give female offenders, ex-offenders and those at risk of offending, a second chance at life. 


Jade Lewis and Friends started in 2004 with a vision to help build drug, crime and violence free Australian communities.  The work began to  to assist Australian schools, prisons, communities, business, young people and their families by raising awareness about youth drug and alcohol issues and provide prevention, intervention and recovering strategies for those who were addicted.


In 2009, The YRPA Australia (YRPA) Campaign began which exists to provide an innovative approach to the long-term rehabilitation of female offenders, ex-offenders and those at risk.   Having done extensive research related to working with female offenders and community drug prevention, we began to address the gaps in service and niche our approach to bring fresh, innovative and accurate ideas that aligned with the strategic vision of the Department of Corrective Services.


YRPA hopes to inspire a ripple effect of concerted community action to support female ex-offenders and their families. The YRPA also aims to generate greater awareness of the need for second chances and to inspire more Australians to accept these women back into community and to  encourage more people to come forward to demonstrate support for the campaign.


Today we are an evidence based, gender specific, trauma informed organisation who strive for excellence and want to be recognised for our point of difference in the sector.  One example of this is staying true to our purpose of working exclusively with females.


Our founder Jade Lewis is also a leading independent WA youth and family drug prevention message.  She has delivered over 900 presentations and she has authored two best selling books which are in over 800 Australian schools.  


With a highly qualified and respected board, advisors along with a passionate team, YRPA has experienced major growth over the past decade.  With no starting budget or framework, YRPA has strong government and non-government partnerships, have a built a volunteer base who give over 5,000 hours annually and have had over 1,000 enrolments into their prison and community programs. 


Endorsement from the Founder of the Yellow Ribbon Project, Singapore.


"The Yellow Ribbon is a symbol of forgiveness, reconciliation, acceptance and second chances.  Without second chances, a released offender will leave the first physical prison and find herself entering into a second social prison.  It is not enough to give an offender a skill, we need to offer her a job.  It is not enough to ask an offender to renounce her gang and her past; her family needs to accept her back, and the community must be ready reintegrate her.  In this regard, Jade Lewis and her team are doing a great job with their programs.  They can't do this alone.  They need everyone - families, neighbours, faith-based communities, employers, government, etc., to partner with them to bring hope and transformation to lives. - Jason Wong, Founder of Yellow Ribbon Project, Singapore". 



Who is Jade Lewis ?


Multi, award-winning, best selling author Jade Lewis overcame a drug addiction in 1999.  For 16 years she has been educating school students in drug prevention and through the Yellow Ribbon Project for Second Chances she has designed evidence based programs to rehabilitate female prisoners. Her innovative apporach to youth drug prevention and female prisoner rehabiliation has seen her win multiple awards for excellence in her field of work including:


Winner Overall Business of the Year 2016

Winner CEBA Community Services Award 2016

Recipient Winner 40 Under 40 Award 2016 

Winner 40 Under 40 Community Service Award 2016

Finalist Telstra Businesswoman of the Year 2015

Winner Belmont Business Awards - Inspiration 2015

Winner Premier's Australia Day Citizenship Award 2015

Invited to the Prince Charles 67th Birthday in Perth 2015

Inducted into the Women's Hall of Fame 2011


Jade Lewis is the author of two books and her work changes and saves lives every day.  In her words she says, “I have a dream: a dream of drug, crime and violence free Australian communities”


Jade is happliy married to Tristan and together they have three beautful children.


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Ph: 08 9473 1174

Jade Lewis & Friends Inc. trading as Yellow Ribbon Project, is a deductable gift recipient where all donations over $2.00 are tax deductable in Australia.